Climb Credit financing options:

Climb Credit is a new kind of student lending company that focuses on financing career-building programs to help students get a high ROI from their education. Climb Credit believes education is an investment toward your future career and earning potential.

Climb offers:

A quick online application — with the ability to add a cosigner — completed in as little as five minutes with no impact to credit score.

Prepay, in part or in whole, at any time without penalty.

Instant decisions 95 percent of the time, with the ability to accept and e-sign your documents in just a few clicks.

Climb’s customer service team is available by email at [email protected], by phone at (888) 510-0533 and instant chat.

Apply now at

We have partnered with Meritize to provide our students with financing options. With a Meritize loan, you can get credit for your merit and potentially improve your loan options by sharing your academic history, military background or work experience. If approved, full deferment during school is available. Check your loan options in minutes without impacting your credit score at

Terms and Conditions apply. Meritize reserves the right to modify or discontinue products and benefits at any time without notice. To qualify, a borrower must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and meet Meritize’s underwriting requirements. If approved for a loan, the actual loan amount, term, payment and APR amount of loan that a customer qualifies for may vary based on credit determination, state law and other factors. Meritize does not warrant or guarantee any claims made herein.

Evoking Potential Scholarship

CEN is proud to offer the Evoking Potential Scholarship to support the educational and vocational aspirations of underserved and disadvantaged minorities. One scholarship will be awarded to a prospective student each enrollment period who meets the current requirements to enter CEN, who demonstrates financial need, a history of community service and leadership, and who articulates the impact they would like to have with this new capability. This scholarship covers 100% of the cost of tuition for those who do not have the means in an attempt to promote diversity and bring balance toward equitable access to opportunity for all. Learn more at