Surgical Neurophysiologist Certification – Program Features

Completion of the CEN Surgical Neurophysiology program will provide the education and training necessary to make you marketable for a career with neuromonitoring companies throughout the United States. Program features include:

  • One on-site classroom module with in-depth equipment instruction and data interpretation.
  • Six (6) online learning modules beginning with an introduction to Neurophysiology and culminating in operating room application.
  • Formalized Practicum:
    • Onsite monitoring with senior clinicians in the OR to gain exposure to using IONM modalities and techniques during varied surgeries.
    • Processes and intricacies of remote monitoring and supervision.
    • Interning experience monitoring cases with direct and limited supervision

Prerequisites for Surgical Neurophysiology Program

We understand that your ultimate goal is to find a satisfying, growth-oriented position. If you have the following experience, enjoy working with people, are technology savvy and like the idea of a challenging and rewarding career, we encourage you to complete an application to the CEN Surgical Neurophysiology program.

A Bachelors or Masters Degrees in a Science Related fields such as Biology, Health Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering provide a natural progression towards a successful career in IONM. Experience in Operating Room healthcare careers, nursing as well as other operating room and nursing healthcare positions also provides a good background for IONM.