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CEN’s Introduction to Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring program transforms motivated and qualified candidates into skilled surgical neurophysiologists.

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Licensed in the states of New York and Indiana, CEN provides its students with a deep and broad IONM knowledge base through a unique blend of classroom-based didactics and hands-on practical training in the operating room. CEN’s clinicians are evaluated at every stage of their education. Overall, 100 percent of our students have achieved national board IONM certification on their first attempt.

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CEN Graduate: Nicky

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"Do you miss being a physical therapist?" It's a question I'm frequently asked, and my response is always the same. That little voice in my head starts taking on a slightly exasperated tone. Last time I checked, I am still licensed as a physical therapist in a couple of states and still consider myself a PT, working in a subspecialty of a subspecialty.

I have been a surgical neurophysiologist for six years, and during those six years, I have had many challenging experiences. I'm sure most SNP's can attest to the fact that our jobs can be stressful and challenging at times but also very rewarding. This is one of those times.

Whether you specialize in IONM or EEG, you can make a difference in people’s lives. Having studied and worked in both areas, I can confirm that while there’s a fair amount of overlap between the two, there are also big differences, and they’re not what you might think.

“I couldn’t be more grateful and happy with the training I have received from CEN program, because it’s been helping me get such great evaluations here with my colleagues.”

Wajiha Azaz, CEN Student

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